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Your appointment will begin with initial inspections of all main components to your air conditioning or heating system. Once we have a better understanding of the way your home is designed and the way your air ducts or ventilation is set up, we can then perform more detailed inspections. This allows us to understand what is working and what is not. We can repair your broken HVAC so you can enjoy your heating and air conditioning in your home. We can make any necessary fixes and replace important HVAC parts. If there are any more complicated issues that require replacement parts, systems, or an entirely new air conditioning installation, our technicians will provide you with a free estimate for your HVAC system and related components.

As a Houston based company, we are able to ensure residents in and around the greater Houston area and the city are supplied with year-round heat and/or cool air. AuraServicePro is able to efficiently service many homes in Houston because our experienced technicians can handle any issue no matter how small or large.

Free Estimates

Free estimates can be given to you in person, or even over the phone depending on the extent of the required work. We are always able to provide our customers with pricing, so that no invoice is a surprise. With price-matching, we are sure we can always offer you a premium service at a competitive price.

  • Free Estimates for Repairs, Installations, and Cleaning
  • Competitive & Affordable Pricing
  • Licensed & Insured Air Conditioning Company

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    Call AuraServicePro to have all of your questions answered or schedule your appointment and free estimate.

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    We will inspect and assess all issues with your air conditioning unit(s), ducts, and related components.

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    Service & Repair

    We will fully service and repair your HVAC system, making sure you are comfortable in your home when we leave.

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Servicing Your Air Conditioning or Heating in Houston

Did you know that your home heating or air conditioning system can become moldy, unsafe, or even a fire hazard if it is not periodically inspected, cleaned, and maintained? If you neglect or ignore your home's HVAC system or use for months at a time, you must make sure you have it cleaned. Our company, AuraServicePro can inspect your home in detail, and make all required repairs. We will service all of your system's components, making sure that there is nothing forgotten. We have been doing routine maintenance for customers over the course of many years. Simply put, we are trusted to service air conditioners in Houston due to our track record, licence to do so, labor guarantees, and insurance.

  • Mold Prevention
  • Clean Air Ducts & Dryer Vents
  • Remove Ventilation Blockages / Debris
  • Full Service of AC / Heating
  • Program & Re-Program Thermostat
  • Connecting Removes / Phones to HVAC Unit
  • Full Inspections & Free Estimates
  • Complete Necessary Repairs & Tuning

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