Fire Restoration

Fire Damage Repair & Home Restoration

When your home, office, or other property has suffered from fire damage, there is much to be taken care of. You may have floors, ceilings, walls, or framing that must be immediately repaired for safety. You can trust Aura Service Pro to come to your residential or commercial property to offer a free estimate. When our customers are in a panic, they can rely on our company to offer advice for fire restoration projects and offer competitive pricing estimates. Don’t allow an uninsured or inexperienced contractor to work on your home without providing the necessary information and assurances you need. Many companies simply cannot offer the guarantees that our dedicated years of service and bonded insurance allows us to give our customers in Texas.

Repairing Home Fire Damage

To fully fix the damages from a fire in your home, a lot must be taken into account. For one, we must focus on safety. The framing of your home can become compromised quite easily, so we will perform full inspections on every aspect of your property. Some damage may not be visible to the human eye, or without knowing the full extent of common issues with indoor or outdoor fires.

Fire damage can obviously affect the look and feel of your home or commercial property, so it is important that you receive credible information on necessary repairs. Repairs will most likely be needed for the plywood, plaster, paint, or wall paper inside your home. Of course, you may be more interested in making sure your home is safe before you fix the aesthetics, but we believe in offering you full and free estimates before any work begins so you can understand the costs of restoring your home before agreeing to any work.

Fire Damage Repairs

When a home fire destroys part of a house or all of it, many people are left in disbelief and may feel too overwhelmed to start repairs. However, inspecting the full extent of the fire damage and starting repairs quickly is very important. For one, safety must be considered at all times. The structural integrity of your home may be affected, even if it is not instantly apparent to you when looking at the source of the fire, or somewhere the fire spread in your home. This alone is a great reason to hire a professional fire damage restoration company like Aura Service Pro to take care of your property soon after a fire has damaged your home in any way.

  • Assess All Fire Damage
  • Full Home Inspection
  • Examine Safety Hazards or Substances
  • Repair Structural Damage
  • Fix & Clean Flooring or Carpeting
  • Restore Full Home After Fire

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Financing a Home Fire Restoration Project

For any fire restoration project, Aura Service Pro is able to offer competitive pricing, with payment arrangements should you need to accommodate the costs of your repairs. We completely understand that there are many costs associated with a home fire, especially depending on the extent of the damage. Don’t worry, we have fantastic relationships with established and trusted third-party lenders who allow us to offer our customers $0 down payment financing plans for larger projects, with low interest rates too. We also can arrange in-house payment arrangements for customers needing to pay for their full project over the course of the project’s duration, or longer than the project itself.

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