Houston Flashing Repairs

Your home’s flashing is extremely important to making sure that rain cannot enter your home through any spaces in your home or roof’s structure. Flashing has many uses, such as airtight seals between decks and the side of a house, a chimney and roof, or other structures attached to a home.If your flashing is starting to show signs of rust, cracking or breaks, then it is time to repair your flashing.

If you want to fix damaged flashing for your Houston home, we can guarantee your satisfaction. We can repair flashing on the side of your home, or even on your roof. There really is no area of your home that we cannot reach, so rest assured that you will be taken care of. Our technicians will remove any irreparable flashing and install new flashing where applicable. If it is possible to fix the flashing without completely replacing it, we will of course do so for your benefit.

New Flashing Installation

It may be time to install flashing if you are having trouble with rain entering your home, or water damage affecting the structure of your house. Remember, even just a little bit of water can lead to major issues. You may find wood rot, rust, or other problems that devalue your home and can lead to major breakages that can be costly to fix.

Don’t worry, nobody will force you to install flashing for every possible aspect of your home – although we definitely recommend it for any area that will be affected by rain, excessive dust, or other substances and debris. If you need to install flashing on a single component such as your chimney or a small structure off the side of your house, we can definitely visit your home. No matter how big or small your project is, Aura Service Pro can repair your flashing or upgrade your home with a new installation.

  • Inspect your home for damaged flashing
  • Identify areas that require new flashing
  • Repair or install flashing

Affordable Flashing in Houston

At AuraServicePro, we believe in offering competitive prices, at many different pricepoints for all types of homes. From basic repairs to more fancy installations, our technicians are experienced and knowledgable in all the various methods of flashing install and repair.

Commercial Flashing

Aura Service Pro technicians can install new flashing or repair damaged flashing for commercial properties. We are experienced with handling job sites with care, so your company or nearby companies are not disturbed. We respect our customers, and as such have made sure our insurance policies cover any possible damage or issue. Please call for an appointment or free estimate.

Residential Flashing

Homeowners in Houston and surrounding areas rely on our company to install new flashing or repair their broken flashing. Our customers understand the importance of weatherproofing their home from the rain, and flashing is a great way to accomplish that in many cases. We can come to your home or tenant properties to inspect, repair, and install flashing.


Look over your entire house in detail for necessary flashing repairs or additions.

Install & Repair

Fix flashing or install new flashing in areas of your home that require it.

Weatherproof Protection

Make sure your home is completely protected from rain and storms.

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Aura Service Pro is Your Local Flashing Repair Company

Based out of Houston, our company is able to offer service to homeowners in nearby cities and towns without an issue. We will happily travel to your home to perform inspections, estimates, and complete any necessary repairs or new flashing installations. If you need flashing services, Aura Service Pro is the company for you. Our labor guarantees protect you, so we can guarantee your satisfaction with properly installed flashing to help weatherproof your home.

Protect your home and chimney with flashing

Flashing for decks, patios, and balconies

Repair old, rusty, dented, or imperfect flashing

Install new flashing on outdated or improper construction

Replace old flashing with smooth and new flashing

Affordable flashing in Houston area with many options

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