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Air Conditioning

Aura Service Pro is the number one company in Houston for A/C installations, repairs, and cleaning. We are able to handle every aspect of your HVAC system, including electrical work, ventilation systems, and more to make sure your home is equipped with quality air.

Water, Fire & Smoke

Aura Service Pro provides home and office solutions for water damage or fire & smoke damage. We will restore your property to its former glory, ridding it of smoke or fire damage, water leaks, and making sure it is safe.

Roofing Services

Our roofing services will keep your home intact, weatherproofed, and beautiful. All of this with labor guarantees! We can complete full roof replacements, minor or larger repairs, new shingle work, or anything else related to your roof.

Smart Homes & Energy

Smart home devices, energy-saving windows, insulation, and more in Houston, Texas. We can help you understand new technologies for improving your home’s energy efficiency, green energy sources, or other smart home devices.

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About Aura Service Pro | HVAC Professionals

The Right Choice for Quality HVAC Repair & Installation

For decades, our company and professional technicians have been providing HVAC services in League City. Our ability to truly understand every customer’s needs and home specifications allows us to make League City home owners happy and comfortable. With incredible arrangements for third-party financing or in-house payment plans, we always strive to ensure our customers can benefit from our expertise, quality products, and amazing repairs. We are always willing to come out and perform free estimates on HVAC repair needs, new installations, and more. You can give us a call at any time to schedule your free estimate and get your home improvement or HVAC project started – or just send us an email.

We offer Financing on Many of our services

Our Expertise is Your Happiness

Aura Service Pro is Always Available for You

Whether you have an issue currently or in the future, Aura Service Pro can come to your home to quickly offer free estimates and perform full home inspections. If you have an emergency, we will come out immediately to ensure your home is safe, comfortable, and any necessary repairs or part replacements are taken care of. Better yet, we can do all of this at an affordable rate that is not only highly competitive, but with some of the lowest prices in League City!

Call Now if you have an HVAC emergency, or any major issue with your ventilation, roofing, or home.

Insured & Bonded ~ Trusted, Tested, and Triumphant.

Premium Service From Licensed Technicians in League City

Our experienced and professional technicians are accustomed to providing emergency HVAC services, and performing immediate home repairs for recent or catastrophic damage. If you need to quickly fix anything in your home, or want to plan repairs or a new installation, then you should definitely call Aura Service Pro for a free estimate. Our licensed, established, and insured company is capable of handling all of your home improvement projects, repairs, HVAC installations, and any other work for your house that you desire.

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