Smart Homes & Automation

Smart Homes & Automation

Home automation is the art of utilizing modern devices, remotes, bluetooth (or internet), and various technologies to automate the management of lighting, entertainment, heating or air conditioning, and other home utilities or services.
Smart homes are perfect for any homeowner that wants to live with the luxury of controlling their house with the touch of a button. With programmable devices and configurable settings, Aura Service Pro can fit your home with the latest technology. Home automation allows you to control your lighting, temperature, appliances, and your devices very easily. You can make sure certain aspects of your home turn off or on at varying times or even with day-specific settings. Never again will you have to get up out of bed or walk across your house to control a light switch, your thermostat, or even your entertainment systems and

We are able to upgrade a single room, floor, or your entire home with automated control technology. If you already have some existing devices for controlling your home’s sound systems, temperature, lighting, or other controls then we can definitely inspect those devices for problems, make repairs, and provide estimates for any full replacements or larger fixes.

Free Estimates for Smart Home Technology

If you need to upgrade your home to use the most modern tech available for home automation, Aura Service Pro is here to help. We will come to your home to offer free estimates on any desired upgrades, replacements, or new smart home installations.

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Smart Home Security

Protect your home and family with the latest in smart home technology for alarms, cameras, and more.

Smart Home Sound & Entertainment

Control your surround sound speakers, home entertainment systems, and more.

Automatic Temperature Control

Decide when your temperature should change in your home, through easy programmable interfaces.


Programmable lighting for day-time and night-time schedules, remotes, and easy-to-use apps.

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Smart Home Repairs

You can avoid replacing your smart home devices, panels, remotes, and other components by repairing key parts. Of course, there are times where units must be fully replaced, but this is not always the case.

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Fix your heating or air conditioning system before it worsens

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