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Why Solar Energy?

As you know, there are many reasons to install solar panels on your roof, or use solar panel installations in your lawn. For one, you can save a lot of money over time because renewable energy allows you to avoid the high costs of gas, electric, or oil-based alternatives. In addition, it is becoming increasingly obvious that solar energy and other planet-saving technologies are incredibly important. Although not everyone is equally informed, educated scientists and proper research shows that our planet requires significant changes on the behalf of the human population to alter the course of climate change. Any form of solar power installation for your home will allow you to help save the planet, but also save money – so why wait?

Financing Your Solar Panel Installation

Although the cost-saving benefits are obvious over the life of a home or homeowner, some people believe that the upfront costs can be too tremendous to justify it, even with the pay off. That is why Aura Service Pro is happy to assist with financial arrangements that allow all of our customers to seriously consider a solar solution. With in-house payment plans that lower the amount you must pay incrementally, we can definitely have you on your way to saving money and using green energy you can feel proud of. In addition, we can offer third-party financing plans with $0 down payments to customers of varying credit levels. Rest assured, we have a solution for you.

  • Lower Energy Costs Than Fossil-Fuel Alternatives
  • Decreased Carbon Footprint
  • Decreased Reliance on Corporations or Government for Energy
  • Increased Reliability & Sustainability for Energy


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Solar Energy Solutions & Ideas

Solar energy is able to power almost anything! From small lanterns to your home’s entire energy needs, there’s no reason to not use solar energy. As time goes on, solar and other green energy solutions will not only be the norm, but will also be requirements. Homeowners choosing to install solar solutions now will see the benefits sooner than anyone else, and that is why we suggest considering some of the following home improvement projects for green energy solutions.

Partial or Full Solar Energy for Your Home

Solar-powered Lanterns or Lighting

Solar Energy for Backup Battery Sources

Solar Energy Car Docking Station

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